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Silega introduces a new version of the business simulation Silega Innova™

"Innovate once and you will gain competitive advantage. Innovate always and you will dominate the market

Genève, Switzerland (September 26, 2012) – Silega, a leading global business simulation company, today introduced a new and improved version of Silega Innova™, which is aimed at companies that want to activate an innovative environment.

Silega Innova™ takes participants on an interactive journey through the world of innovation. Together, they discuss and explore tools and techniques that foster creativity and create the conditions for a radical business change.

The product will be of tremendous value to strategic teams, R&D professionals, and innovative businesses. “This is a cutting-edge product far superior to anything in the marketplace” said David Franc, Product Development Manager at Silega.

We expect tremendous sales of this product. The product or solution that would most likely define any company’s success in 5 years does not exist yet. With Silega Innova, many companies will now be able to explore, and develop new possibilities faster” said Mr. Franc.

Customers from all over the world use Silega’s programs to support their strategic initiatives, develop their people’s potential, optimize organizational resources or processes, grow sales, and increase the number of loyal customers. Silega’s training programs are based on the Experiential Learning System™, which provides higher retention rates and helps participants learn by simulating real-world business situations.