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Thoughts about Silega from Asia

Asians also love to participate in our business simulations.

Some of their thoughts about us:

“I find it interesting. It’s different than the typical classroom style… [the] Silega Business Simulation program is something very stimulating for the mind, something that we all should try”

-- Ms. Goh, Director, DFS

“For me, this is a really fun way to work on team building. We learned about vision at the same time as we produced one. I recommend this training to everyone who would like their next team building session to be successful.”

-- Mr. Brauer, Head, Electrolux

I’m glad that I participated in the Silega Business Simulations (Silega Expedition™). Basically, this is a very interesting event. In the process we learned to prioritize, we played, and there was one incident when we actually had to be rescued! Having said that, the team responded positively because we learned to be accountable and responsible without being blamed. Our morale is very high, and I can guarantee that it is a very interesting game and experience.

Compared to other types of training, this program brings you real life situations where you have to make decisions and think ahead. Come with an open mind, be prepared to humble yourself, and share your experience. There will be someone weaker than you and someone who has more knowledge than you. We just pull everyone together and learn to work as a team.”

-- Mr. Oo, Senior Vice President, CNA Group

“It was fun and we really had a good time. We definitely recommend this to other people interested in learning how to work as a team.”

-- Mr. Moriarty, Senior Program Director, Rebel Boot Camp

“It’s a very interactive exercise. It forces you to work as a team, to make decisions based on the current situation, to analyze information and to think on your feet. I would say that this is a very good simulation of real business situations. I highly recommend this to those who run a business or are part of it.”

--Mr. Yip, Director, Brady

“Experiential learning is so wonderful because it puts us under pressure, forces us to discuss, debate, and negotiate, motivates us to work and collaborate with people.  I surely love this way of connecting and collaborating, as the business simulations really lead to higher efficiency!”

--Mr. Rogers, Director, Joy Ventures