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Why and how do customers buy our services?

Understanding the customer's point of view helps us better understand their concerns and how to present our solutions.

What services customers usually buy

Training and development are a large part of the efforts and budget of a company (though some companies don't seem to realize it). We have several types of customers; some prefer to conduct trainings almost entirely with internal trainers, while others would rather outsource.









Silega's Capability of Delivering


Company's business knowledge



Silega’s solutions can be used to reinforce the company's message; we can even develop custom simulations for that purpose

Product knowledge

Internal processes

(supply chain, sales)

Corporate culture and values


Corporate meetings - product launches, shows, topical events, global or regional initiatives

This is one of our main areas of expertise. We can also partner with other specialized providers such as actors and decorators.

"Hot" topics such as equity and diversity, gender equality in management, work-life balance, green thinking

Some of our programs can be adapted to support key messages.

Employees' certification required by law (safety instructions, hygiene, emergency training)

Training for middle managers

(first time managers)

We offer overall training and development plans, integral training solutions, and a MiniMBA

Sales force training

Teamwork, communication

Leadership development


Effective presentations

Sales, negotiations

Innovation, creativity

Talent attraction and engagement

Language training

Project management, personal productivity

Finance and economics (finance for non-financial managers, personal finance, business finance, risk management)



Why do companies use experiential learning?

We help alleviate some of the most common management migraines:

  Improve revenue / profit and expand business
  Reduce costs / time / risk / conflict
  Improve product / service / process / productivity
  Increase market share and share of customer base
  Improve customer retention
  Recruit and select the right people
  Develop sophisticated skills (decision making, leadership skills)
  Find, win, and keep profitable business
  Drive desired behavior
  Define metrics and enforce accountability
  Create strategy / system / process / service

If you have any further questions or would like to learn more about the power of business simulations, please contact us.